Ghana: Where Eric Metcalf & Brett Favre Vikings Jerseys Are Still Fashion Statements

Brendan Rigby is on a strange mission in Ghana. On his Tumblr page he explains this NFL-related mission. His plan is to create “A photo essay on discarded & donated NFL jerseys and the people that (re)purchased them. Photographs were taken in Ghana in 2012. The aim is to capture 32 persons, representing 32 teams of the NFL.”

Where do NFL jerseys go to die but end up living a helluva retirement? Ghana!

Rigby has reeled off 14 of 32 NFL teams including a Brett Favre Packers jersey and even a Saints Jeremy Shockey jersey worn by a local. Our personal favorite has to be the Eric Metcalf (Browns) jersey. You might remember Metcalf as the Browns return specialist. His last game in Cleveland? 1994.

Where did Favre Vikings jerseys get shipped when they failed to sell at 80% off sticker price? Ghana where some guy named Dasana doesn’t mind rocking the #4 in the marketplace.

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