Pete Rose In His Vegas Element In Early June – The Mandalay Bay Sportsbook


God bless Pete Rose. I remember growing up in Dayton, Ohio in the early 80s, learning how to play baseball and being mesmerized by the only guy who gave maximum effort and didn’t give a damn who got in his way was Charlie Hustle. Loved that. And then those stupid bums at MLB had to go and ruin the fun. Flash-forward to this past weekend in Vegas where @Drew_Hallett spotted our hero in his element – a Vegas sportsbook. 

Of course it’s no secret that Pete has his regular autograph gig at some sports shop at Caesars. This sportsbook, however, is at Mandalay Bay. Just proof that our hero will shop around for the best values.

Need more proof it’s Mandalay? Here you go.


The hat.


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