Justin Blackmon Wearing Kobe Jersey During DUI Arrest? [PHOTOS]


By now you know that Justin Blackmon was arrested over the weekend for his second DUI, this one being “aggravated.” Over the limit. Drunk. Blah, blah, blah. What we’ve been looking for are photos of Blackmon partying Saturday night/Sunday morning. One thing led to another and we heard from BC reader Keith in Stillwater that there was a photo of Blackmon about to be arrested by OKC police. The moneyshot? The jersey Blackmon was wearing.

Is that you, Black Mamba?

Sure looks like a Lakers jersey. Sure wouldn’t be a Pau Gasol jersey. 99.5% sure that’s a Kobe jersey. It seems a local just happened to be hitting the OnCue gas station at like 3 a.m. and snapped this shot of Blackmon, the fuzz and the Chevy Tahoe the Jags WR was driving.

The Tahoe remained parked there into Sunday as JB was still sitting in jail, according to News6.

As for the Kobe jersey pic, it seems it got its start on Facebook and has yet to make its way to TMZ. Too late to cash in for this bro. Gonna “go viral” now without getting paid.

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