Thurman Thomas Extra Pissed Off Tonight At Lazy Mexicans, Blacks & Rednecks?


Thermal Thomas is on one of his patented Republican rants this evening because obviously someone has slighted his blackness, his religion and his belief in low taxes. Didn’t know Thurman Thomas, the former Buffalo great, is a HUGE Republican? Where has your ass been? Dude rips off classic tweets aimed at undocumented workers at least once a day. Probably while he shops at Wal-Mart.

Anyway, we love this guy on Twitter. A quote machine. Do we give two sh*ts about his political beliefs? Nope. Do we love the fact that he ruffles the dreadlocks of the brothers? Hell yes. Just think, without Twitter you’d rarely have the chance to hear what former NFLers think about the world.

Such as these from Thomas:

Everyone should have a ID!!!!!!

Pissed off to the highest of pisstivity. Get off your lazy ass, and get a job. Stop having people take care of your sorry ass..#ImOut

@AndreReed8383 Bout to hit this business meeting then, off to see the #Sabres kick the shit out of the #MapleLeafs.. #YeahISaidIt

Listen, all Christians have to keep working at their faith on a daily basis. Some days the devil will cause Christians to hope destruction of an NHL franchise. Another day the devil will cause you to want Mexicans, rednecks and blacks to get off their asses and get a job. And another the devil will invade you with hatred towards tomato pickers.

Meanwhile, we’ll just be over here giving Thermal a slow golf clap. Love his pisstivity.


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