NBC Reporter Dianna Russini’s Ass & Boots Driving Rex Ryan Nuts [VIDEO]


This email was awaiting us this morning from reader Russ R. – “Fatty Pig Rex Ryan love NBC Connecticuts Dianna Russini. They played football together at Mangina camp here in Hartford.” Let us translate: Rex Ryan throws a pass to sports chick Dianna Russini at the Eric Mangini football camp. Russini makes an amazing catch and is wearing riding boots. Rex Ryan instantly falls in love. 

Can you really fault Rexy for loving this chick? She gives 110% percent, wearing tight jeans, riding boots and will lay out for a grab.

Posted: This weekend

Premise of Video: Russini has a history with Busted Coverage. Way back in 2009 we were featuring Dianna & her rack because guys in Seattle were going nuts emailing us about here. Seems that she has moved on to Connecticut. Easily the best career decision she’s made.

Climax of Video: Either the catch or the all-fours pose, depending on who you ask.

Conclusion: Rex paid her $300 for those wet, sweaty boots.


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