Mets Fan In Gary Carter Jersey Who Joined Johan Santana Celebration Arrested [Cuff ‘Em]

Kudos to Mets fan Rafael Diaz. If you’re going to get arrested for running onto a field, make it a once-in-a-lifetime moment. Don’t just run onto a field during the 5th inning of a Tigers-Yankees game. Wait until Johan Santana throws the first no-hitter* in Mets’ history. Not only to you get to slap asses with R.A. Dickey & teammates, you also get a moneyshot on the front of the Post. Then you go to court on Sunday.

Via the NY Daily News:

Rafael Diaz, 32, of Massapequa, L.I., who works at Republic Airport in Farmingdale, was clad in the same Gary Carter No. 8 Mets jersey he wore when he raced to the pitcher’s mound — and hugged several players before being arrested.

His companion in tomfoolery, John Ries, 25, of Ronkonkoma, L.I., an air traffic controller who only made it to the foul line before being locked up, wore a green, zip-up hoodie in an effort to dodge photographers.

So a small fine, a ban from Citi for a couple years and infamy. Totally worth it in Long Island street cred. Chicks will think he’s all responsible with his airport job and then the background check will reveal just enough bad boy to keep them intrigued.

“You did what at a Mets game? The Santana no-hitter? That was you? Shaddup!”

Clothes are off 27 minutes later. This Diaz cat is a genius.

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