Jimmer Fredette Wedding Photos Including The Tongue Shot!

It’s all over, Jimmer Fredette’s virginity (if you believe his first night was on his wedding night) is history. The Kings shooting guard and his girlfriend Whitney Wonnacott (@whitneyfredette) got married Friday night after causing a UFO scare on Thursday night during their rehearsal dinner. Not kidding. Had half of Colorado terrified that there were UFOs in the sky. Nope, just flaming luminaries.

Again, not kidding, these idiots released flames into the sky in Colorado.

Everyone can relax, no forest fires resulted from Jimmer’s luminaries, according to the Denver Post.

Paper lanterns released during a rehearsal dinner in Centennial on Thursday night confused nearby residents and stirred up UFO talk.

Viewers called in to 9NEWS to report “strange fiery lights” floating in the sky near Arapahoe and University. One viewer finally solved the mystery after one of the lanterns landed in her neighbor’s yard.

As for the wedding itself, no real news besides Jimmer looking like his hand just touched pie before tossing the garter. Then the two tried to jump on a plane to their honeymoon in Hawaii but had like a six-hour delay.

Blah, blah, blah.





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