Arkansas Goodwill Auctioning Bobby Petrino’s Golf Clubs & Bags; Starting Bid $150


Just got off the phone with the Springdale, Arkansas Goodwill and learned how these Bobby Petrino golf bags and clubs will be sold by the nonprofit. According to Rose, the clubs will be sold “on-bid.” What that means, according to Rose, is that customers can come into the store at 3157 West Sunset Avenue and place a bid to win a set. Will the auction be online? Nope. In-store only.

Starting bid? $150.

Nope, this is not a joke. Call for yourself: (479) 927-2023.

Rose also tells us the “on-bid” auction will go until the “16th.” We’ll assume she means June 16 so don’t delay. Of course we have sources on the ground in Springdale firing off bids for us. Hell yes these will be going into the BC SEC shrine right next to the Cam Newton pants.

[HT: Friends of the Program]

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