21 Best Photos Of Lauren Tannehill On The Internet

There’s talk that Lauren Tannehill will be in an upcoming issue of Maxim. Her outfit at the NFL Draft “blew up” the Internet. She shoots guns. She’ll be featured prominently in this year’s Hard Knocks. Her husband hasn’t even taken a single snap in the NFL and yet Mrs. Lauren Ufer Tannehill is already on pace to turn her career as a trophy wife into a possible media fortune.

Yet, we’ve never heard utter a single word!

Doesn’t matter. This chick fell into one of the greatest scenarios in NFL wife history. Does she get publicity from Maxim if her and Ryan move to Buffalo to backup Fitzpatrick? Not a chance. Does Maxim even care about her abs if she ends up living in a 5,000 sq. ft. pad on Mercer Island as her husband becomes a Seahawks QB? Of course not.

Remember this day. Mrs. Tannehill has only 9,500 Twitter (@LaurenTannehill) followers. (We’re efforting to figure out what happened to her now deleted Twitter account.) Check back in two months when her abs hit Maxim.

[Photos via Roger K. Snider]

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