Watch These Crazy Drunken Euro Soccer Fans Take Streaking To Next Level [VIDEO]

Who really wants to see some naked guy flopping his schlong around a soccer pitch during a drunken Euro soccer streak? Pass. What we want to see are a couple of crazy drunken bastards – one with a flare – invade the pitch and cause so much havoc that the ref calls the match. OVER. That’s it, can’t take any more of you drunken nutbags. Everyone rush the field.

Let’s go to Montenegro where, Wednesday, it all went down.

Posted: May 30, 2012

Premise of Video: Our good friends at Who Ate All The Pies have the details. FK Buducnost were crowned champions of the Montenegrin First League on Wednesday night despite losing 1-0 at home to Lovcen in their final game. The match was a bit of a damb squib by all accounts, though a bit of excitement did break out in the 102nd minute.

Climax of Video: Dude plows a shot into the back of the net. Um, like a boss.

Conclusion: The ref has obviously lost all control and someone could have his face lit on fire by flares. Remind me to wear the correct colors the next time I’m in Montenegro. Don’t want these bastards mistaken me for the enemy.