Jimmer Fredette To Get Married, Lose His Virginity Later Tonight

The day he divorces his right hand. The day he marries the love of his life. The day he loses his virginity. It’s finally here for Jimmer Fredette. The Kings shooting guard & BYU legend will marry his longtime girlfriend Whitney Wonnacott tonight at a Denver LDS temple. Yes, we bought the couple a nice present, a red spatula. The big question we have, is how long will this guy be able to perform on his wedding night?

3-4 minutes? 1:37?

It’s also the day when Wonnacott marries into Jimmer’s millions. Look, if she’s going to give it up, she should at least be rewarded for his sh*tty sexual performance.

Says Wonnacott on Twitter:

I have the best few days ahead of me! Letttssss gooooo

Meanwhile, Jimmer tweets:

Wedding Day today! Ready for the best day of my life so far with @whitwonnacott!

Attaboy, he knows what’s about to happen in a Denver hotel. Shotgun blasts.