Dancers Of The NBA Playoffs: Spurs’ Mandy Is A Kardashian Fan [PHOTOS]

The Spurs’ ridiculous winning streak finally ended last night in a butt-whoopin’ at the hands of the OKC Thunder. But take solace, Spurs fans, because Busted Coverage is here to take your mind off that game and put it squarely on one of the hotties ready to shake it for you when the series heads back down south Monday night.

Mandy is a Silver Dancers veteran, so she knows how important her role is Monday night. Every time Manu drives the lane she’s going to jump up and give us a shimmy. When Tim Duncan pulls down his 10th board of the night she’ll do a little pirouette. And, of course, after every Tony Parker assist we’ll get kisses blown our way. Gotta love those Spurs dancers. They know how to win in the playoffs!

Know Your Dancers of the NBA Playoffs: Mandy

• Mandy plans on running the family business one day

• She is a fan of the Kardashians &  I Love Lucy (is it possible to be both?)

• You can follow Mandy on Twitter, here!