You Can Buy Barry Bonds Ridiculous Bicycle For $8,800 On eBay


Seriously, Barry Bonds is into cycling. How “into” cycling? Like willing to drop approximately $16,000 on this Pinarello bike that’s not your ordinary 10-speed that you used during college. Long story short, these Italian bikes are pretty much the best bike you can throw money at. Bonds made $188,000,000 in his career so of course the bro picked out the best. Now, you bike dorks can actually by Barry’s ride on eBay.

How legit is this bike? Guess we just have to take the seller’s word for it.

Please read everything before buying. SHIPPING IS FREE IF YOU BUY THE BIKE AT THE BIN PRICE OF 8800 IF NOT SHIPPING IS 135 dollars. This is a Pinarello Dogma size 59.5 with 175 dura ace compact cranks. Bike has fulcrum racing zero wheels.Everything is top dollar on this bike! Dura ace di2. Ridden very little by Barry Bonds. He decided to upgrade to the Campy EPS model. It almost looks new! This had an SRM originally but is now being sold with a standard Dura Ace compact crank. Buy this for over 16k at a shop!! ABSOLUTELY NO SHIPPING OUTSIDE OF THE LOWER 48 states. I will only ship to the address related to the paypal and ebay account and the account must be registered in the lower 48 U.S. states. Item includes everything pictured. If you don’t see it, it is not included, unless otherwise noted.

We know, via photos and his own bragging, that Bonds says cycling has resulted in his recent weight loss. Head shrinkage? Of course not.

Why is some guy on eBay selling the bike? Who knows. Do some due diligence if you’re buying this to go in the memorabilia room.

[Buy Barry Bonds Bike – eBay]






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