The Paulina Gretzky Photo Collection

Big news here at BC. We’ve rehired photo editor Big Gay Rich just three months after he was fired in the Terry Francona photo fiasco. The editors figured in his years of service and thought that Big Gay Rich deserved a second chance. His new assignment? Tracking all things Paulina Gretzky. Seriously, we’re turning it into a beat. You guys keep clicking and searching so we made a business decision. Rich is back and about to take our Paulina coverage to the next level.

What’s up with Wayne’s daughter this week?

• Watched the Kings win Game One of Stanley Cup from the comfort of her couch

• Partied with Tom Selleck’s daughter, Hannah

• Partied with her brother

• Joined Skrillex for a DJ set

[Stanley Cup Finals: Kings-Devils | Game 2; Saturday, 8 p.m. EST | L.A. leads 1-0]

John Rocker Would Vote For Devil Over Obama In 2012 Election!
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