Know Your #1 College Softball World Series Cal Bears Via These Bikini Photos


Some of you might remember back in November when we warned you that Busted Coverage would be putting our unwavering support behind the Cal softball team during the 2012 season. The reason was simple: infielder Jace Williams is one of the coolest athletes in college sports. That’s her, 2nd from right. Yes, fools, Jace is a bikini smokeshow, but she’s also one of the key players on this #1 ranked Cal team.

Guess who’s the #1 seed heading into the NCAA Softball World Series that starts today in Oklahoma City? Our Cal Bears who are 56-5 this season and face LSU at 3:30 this afternoon.

What’s up with our love affair with the Cal softball team? They’re like the Alabama Crimson Tide of softball and yet had no problem uploading bikini pics from an early season trip to Hawaii. Imagine Bama players uploading pics of a kegger after an early September stomping of a MAC team.

Sure, they’re just bikini pics of the #1 team in the nation. No biggie.

[@jacewilliams9] [@brittvonk18] [Cal Softball Roster]

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