Aroldis Chapman Hotel “Escort” Chick Claudia Manrique Is Married; Inside Job?


We’re not going to say Aroldis Chapman’s new “girlfriend” Claudia Manrique set up his Cuban ass, but there’s a sneaking suspicion that the hotel room robbery the other night was an inside job. Would a 26-year-old chick, who’s in community college, normally be picked up at the Pittsburgh police station by her husband if he found out his wife was cheating on him with a multi-millionaire pitcher? Claudia’s did. 

The Pittsburgh media went nuts over this story last night with special i-Team coverage. KDKA-CBS was the only station we’re aware of that was able to get a partial view of Claudia’s face. The rest of the losers only got the shot where she has a towel covering her face.

Claudia Manrique was escorted out of Zone 2 by a man police said was her husband. She had a blanket over her head and did not respond to questions from KDKA’s Kym Gable.

A lieutenant said no charges were filed against Manrique. He would not say why they questioned her so extensively.

Manrique, described as Chapman’s escort, told detectives that at the time of the heist, Chapman was playing the Pirates at PNC Park.

Notice that word “escort?” Otherwise known as road beef. Would an escort ever fake a robbery? These broads aren’t as dumb as you think they are. They’re also really good with Google. And knowing that Chapman won’t miss the jewelry and clothing.

Wait, the robber stole clothing? What robber wastes time stealing clothing? And how does a robber have time to steal clothing, jewelry, laptop, etc. and nobody hears a struggle?

Something stinks.

Might be time for someone in Cincy to intervene for this guy. We already know that one of the first nights he spent in the U.S. was complete with strippers that weren’t exactly high-end broads.

[Woman Found In Cincinnati Reds’ Pitcher’s Room Questioned]

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