NASCAR WAGs: Jordan Fish Is A Former Bobcats Dancer & Dating Denny Hamlin [PHOTOS]

I don’t follow NASCAR much, but I do know that Denny Hamlin is a bit of a young gun on the left-turn-making-circuit. Of course we always assumed NASCAR drivers pulled decent trim, but Denny Hamlin hit it out of the park. It’s one thing to find a sexy Southern belle down in North Carolina. It’s a whole different game when you score a former NBA dancer!

I’ve always argued that the Charlotte Bobcats’ dancers were severely overrated in terms of the NBA Dancer hierarchy, and I’m sure Denny agrees. His WAG Jordan is absolutely gorgeous and knows how to rock the crap out of a pair of yoga pants. Well done Mr. Hamlin, well done indeed.

Know Your WAGs of NASCAR: Jordan Fish

• Jordan was a Charlotte Bobcats dancer for 2 seasons

• She was a Face of Fitness model finalist (whatever that is)

• Of course you can follow Jordan on Twitter