If You See Charles Barkley Running In Downtown OKC, It’s Really Charles Barkley


Charles Barkley, in 2006, said that “Oklahoma is nothing but vast wasteland. No place for black people. The Oklahoma Sooners and the Hornets are the only brothers in town.”  Of course the local media hasn’t forgotten that quote so it’s one storyline for Thursday’s Game 3. The other being the 2-0 hole OKC finds itself in.

Anyway, a Barkley sighting is a big deal in the city which made his jog this afternoon through downtown a big deal.

In the last few months Skinny has relaxed his stance on the no brother state. He said back in January:

“Has it been five years? Now that you’ve got my good friend Scott Brooks there and the great Maurice Cheeks, who I played with in Philly, I’ve got to come to Oklahoma City.”

How has OKC evolved since ’04? Barkley even ran into nice, smiling black people on his jog. This really is becoming one helluva NBA city, isn’t it?

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