Jose Canseco Owes IRS $1.1 Million Yet Still Playing Poker At Foxwoods! [VIDEO]

It was just 2010 on Twitter when Jose Canseco announced to the world that he was broke, landlords had kicked him out of his residence and his life was a financial mess. His financial life in 2012 isn’t better. He recently told a reporter that bankruptcy was in his future this year since he owes the IRS $1.1 million. But, there he was last week at Foxwoods Casino at the poker table.

Picking his teeth with his fingers. Acting fidgety. On camera.

Posted: May 24, 2012

Premise of Video: As you might’ve heard, Canseco is playing baseball for an indy team in Worcester, Mass. as a circus sideshow. He’s selling a few tickets to people who like freak shows. Anyway, the guy normally lives in Vegas. Doesn’t know a soul in Worcester. Next thing you know, the Bash Brother is playing poker next to you at Foxwoods.

Climax of Video: Awfully fidgety. Fingers in teeth.

Conclusion: Someone breaks his knees over a gambling debt? IRS throws his ass back into jail? He cries poor and laments the fact that women and the government have taken all his money?

If you’ve played poker against Jose Canseco at Foxwoods and would like to tell us how you took his stack, please do so.