Giants LB Mark Herzlich Promises His Friend Jackie Landry Has Real Breasts! [PHOTOS]

Cancer survivor & Super Bowl champion Mark Herzlich (@MarkHerzlich)continues to live the dream life that movies are made of. The guy goes from being undrafted in 2011 to starting in the NFL to getting a ring (true, he didn’t dress for the Super Bowl). Then this guy goes out this weekend, with his longtime girlfriend Danielle Conti (@DConti710)and friends, for boating and pool time.

Did we mention Herzlich even tweeted about one of the friend’s rack? Oh, yes he did.

That’s Conti in the black bikini. She and Herzlich have been together since his cancer days. The chick in the middle is Jackie Landry (@JackieLandz), a Bostonian. From reading her tweets, we think she’s a nurse. Not known before this weekend, thanks to Herzlich’s tweets, Landry is quickly becoming a star via the ever increasing amount of bikini pics that continue to be uploaded.

Of course men quickly fell in love.

There you have it, Landry is 100% real. Let’s just set the over/under on days until she’s dating a NFL player at 24.

By the way, how great is this Herzlich character. Here we figured he just played things straight. Would never upload pics of his girlfriend in a bikini and NEVER tweet about his girlfriend’s friend’s breasts. Instantly goes to a must-read on a daily basis for BC. We don’t even need Aaron Rodgers prancing around his bikini chick these days.

Just get Herzlich’s ass to a body of water with Conti & Landry and it’s on.