As Mentioned, Gronk & His Bros Went HAM Shirtless In Atlantic City

We warned you guys that Gronk and Team Jizz Blaster would be in A.C. this weekend for the College Mansion bikini bash. The shirtless Gronk bros didn’t disappoint, according to those in attendance. White boy rapper Mike Stud was “in the house,” too and seemed to get along swimmingly with everyone’s favorite meathead.

In fact, it seems that these two meatheads might actually collaborate on future meathead endeavors. Possible meathead tour?


Stud, who actually was a pitcher at Duke before undergoing career-ending Tommy John surgery, likes what he sees in this Gronk kid.

Translation: Gronk is probably fist pumping with reckless abandon and grinding his tight end frame on any nappy headed Jersey ‘ho he can find. Tighter the skirt, the more chance she’s going to get initiated by Team Jizz Blaster.

@Mike_Stud┬áreported back later: “Might have met someone who rages harder than us.”

As for this whole Team Jizz Blaster ‘thing’ we created earlier this year, look at what the Gronk brothers are now calling themselves.

Let’s all be honest, Gronk Nation really was stupid and definitely not edgy enough. Team Jizz Blaster obviously takes their street cred to a whole new level. Let us know when you guys want to get Team Busted Coverage and Team JB together for a fist pump.

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