Drunken Indy 500 Fence Jumper In U.S.A. Flag Vest Getting Arrested [VIDEO]

INDY 500 STREAKER! What was drunken fence jumper going to do at the Indy 500 yesterday after jumping the fence that separates fans and cars going 221 mph? Hard to say since he was holding a beer, was wearing a USA flag vest and looked to be wearing jorts. The real story here is the commentary from the folks behind the fence who wanted the cops to put on a real show with their Tasers®.

“Tase his ass,” fans screamed.

Posted: Yesterday

Premise of Video: (via vlogger) This American flag clad scuzz bucket got shit canned at the Indianapolis 500 and decided to hop the third turn fence. This is what ensued…

Climax of Video: A full beer hitting on of the Indiana State Troopers.

Conclusion: The Taser was never used and fans went home disappointed by a yellow flag finish.