Dancers Of The NBA Playoffs: Celtics’ Faren Is A Video Star! [PHOTOS]

I’m sure NBA dancers get asked to things all the time. No doubt there are modeling gigs thrown their way all the time. Maybe the local Ford dealership needs some booty shaking for their next TV spot. Obviously this job opens some doors. But I had no idea it could lead to starring roles in music videos. Not for just any random local musician. No, Faren was the star of Cee Lo’s latest video for his song “It’s OK.” That’s the big time, folks. Cee Lo is one of the coolest (and strangest) dude’s on the planet.

Lately Faren has been trying to will her Celtics into the Conference finals. Too bad those damn Sixers (and their sexy ginger cheerleader Cassie). Game 7 is Saturday night and Faren is going to have to be on her toes. Maybe she can get Cee Lo to do a pregame speech. Because we all know nothing gets Kevin Garnett fired up like a dude in a chicken suit!

Know Your Dancers of the NBA Playoffs: Faren

• Faren is originally from Atlanta, GA

• She has a Facebook Fan Page (of course) and a Model Mayhem account

• You can follow Faren on Twitter