Mass. Cops Looking For Red Sox Robber Instead Arrest Yankees Fan On Warrant! [Cuff ‘Em]

Here we go again with a Yankee-Red Sox rivalry arrest story. Of course there have been Yankees-Red Sox beatings that’ve made headlines over the years. There have been Yankees fans robbing banks. Same from the Red Sox side. But have you ever heard of a Red Sox fan pulling off an armed robbery and the Massachusetts cops arresting a Yankees fan instead? Yeah, it happened this week. 


In Beverly, Mass., police responded to an armed robbery of a home on Pleasant Street around 2:30 p.m.

They were told to look for a suspect described as wearing baggy jeans and a Red Sox cap.

A police officer nearby at Edwards and Fayette Street saw a man fitting the description but the only difference was he was wearing a Yankees cap. The officer approached the man but the man fled.

The police believed he was the suspect so they went looking for him. They caught him. Witnesses said he wasn’t the suspect, and the man in the Yankees cap said he ran because he had an outstanding warrant.

Of course the Red Sox fan is still on the loose. Look, Yankees fan deserves to get arrested, but it seems the cops might have given up the search for Red Sox fan to throw away the key on Yankees guy. Just the impression we’re getting.