EBay Seller Unloading His Piece Of Junk Baseball With Jesus Scuff Mark

Long story short, some (we’ll guess a dude) seller on eBay has listed a scuffed up baseball that might just be a Jesus scuffed baseball. The seller, who has a lousy 83% approval rating, reports: “This is a normal baseball that I believe has the face of Jesus on it. My friend was playing baseball with it and one of the scuffs just happened to make this face. We just thought this was a pretty cool and rare occurrence.

Wait, a baseball just gets a Jesus scuff? Do you take cash?

The guy obviously missed a sale opportunity because if he would have only advertised it “Baseball with Geico caveman scuff mark” and someone at the insurance company would have dropped $100 in a heartbeat.

Anyway, starting bid is only $99. The guy is also selling Air Jordan Retros in case you feel like combining shipping and feel like getting ripped off twice in one purchase.

[HT: SBNation]