OKC Thunder Fan Yells “Keep Moving, D*ckhead” At OKC Fan, Gets Dropped [VIDEO]


Just when you thought Oklahoma City Thunder games would never include one OKC fan yelling “Keep moving, dickhead” to another OKC fan, these folks shock the hell out of us. Here we figured OKC Nation was on the same page. All In! One Goal! Just Win, OKC! Add your own stupid playoff cliché as you see fit. However, the other night two dudes went at it in the upper deck.

These people are growing on us.

Posted: May 22, 2012

Premise of Video: This is during Game 5 when OKC fans were already fired up over Metta & Kobe returning to the Thunder Dome or whatever stupid nickname they’ve given this arena. Older dude doesn’t seem to appreciate this young buck blocking his view. Things get heated.

Climax of Video: Yes, the video starts bouncing, but we get old(er) guy busting off his “Keep moving, dickhead” comment followed by young buck sweeping the legs.

Conclusion: Our new favorite NBA fans. Not even a debate.


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