An Audrina Patridge Update Because Kevin The Intern Used To Be In Love With This Chick [PHOTOS]


Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Remember Audrina Patridge? I do, because there wasn’t an Afternoon Dump during 2009-2010 that Kevin the Intern didn’t post some sort of gallery of the former ‘reality’ lass. And then her career crashed. The Vegas birthday parties disappeared. There’s no reason why this chick shouldn’t just permanently take up residence next to water like this scene in Cabo. 

We’re talking about a broad who needs just 4,500 or so followers to cross the 2 million mark (349th most followers in the world) on Twitter. Is she just so dumb that nobody will hire her? Fire her ass onto a CBS Big Brother or another stupid summer ‘reality’ show. Implants for days.

[Most Twitter Followers List]

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