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Solid Effort, Brah: Mariners Fan Takes Foul Ball Grounder Off The Forehead [VIDEO]


Another night in May, another foul ball off some guy’s forehead who bought epic seats to a Mariners game and even brought his glove for last night’s tilt against the Rangers. There he was, in perfect position, for a grounder down the first base line that would be the perfect opportunity to add to his douchey baseball collection. Maybe even get this one signed by Justin Smoak.


Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: You know, after about the 13th birthday, bringing a glove to the ballpark starts to say something about you as a dude. By 19, all the signs are there that you’ll be a baseball douche for the rest of your life. If, by 25, you’re still bringing a glove, there is a 93% chance your ass isn’t getting laid more than once a year. 

Climax of Video: The guy takes the foul ball off his forehead.

Conclusion: Obvious conclusion is that the guy really didn’t need the glove because he never used it. Get that shit up. A glove below the chin with the ball having topspin is useless.

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