Seriously, Under Armour, You Made Cam Newton Fly Coach To The Preakness?

This is Cam Newton jumping on a plane yesterday, according to some guy who goes by @SuperClif on Twitter. Not a big story at all besides our boy rocking the red muffs and green hat. Dude just constantly redefines the QB fashion game. The big news here, for us, is that Cam is flying coach. Why was this stud flying coach the day after going to the Preakness for his Under Armour flukies?

Someone at UA pulling a sick f-ing joke on us?

Hey, assholes, we’re talking about the next great athlete. The next Michael Jordan of the NFL. The Magic Johnson of the NFL. A guy whose BCS game pants are now our meal ticket into retirement.

Wanna bet that the top execs at Under Armour don’t fly first class. My ass will retire tomorrow if these guys don’t splurge on first-class ducats. Of course they do. So why is the biggest name in your stable walking his ass back to coach and having his legs subjected to unnecessary pain?

The guy is 6’5″.

And UA is hoping he’s its Jordan?

And putting him in coach?

Yes, Newton was at the Preakness because Under Armour is in the horse racing business. Does our meal ticket look like he really wants to be at the Preakness on a Saturday in May wearing an Under Armour lapel? Of course the money is good, but a sponsor subjecting the next great American athlete to coach will not go unnoticed by our sleuths.

Someone at the company needs to step forward and either resign their position or explain how such a slap in the face to Newton could happen. We’re all ears.


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