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Here’s Greg Oden & His Tortilla Face With White Girls At Mongolian Grill [PHOTOS]

What was Greg Oden up to this weekend besides trying not to blow out a knee or fracture an ankle? Oh, just getting some grub at Mongolian Grill where he ran into this pack of girls who obviously knew about the former Ohio State great and NBA flame-out. Now, a normal fan photo at Mongolian Grill would just feature Greg Oden with a blank stare on his face and a bunch of girls smiling.

Today is your lucky day! Say hello to the Oden Tortilla Face.

Notice how the girls made happy faces with their tortillas. Then notice the 7-footer’s tortilla. The guy really is in the dumps. Not even a tortilla face pic with admirers can get the guy to crack a smile.

Obviously he’s hopeless. Poor, Greg.


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