Dancers Of The NBA Playoffs: 76ers’ Cassie Is A Ginger! [PHOTOS]

We all know the age old debate about whether gingers have souls, but did you know there is another epic ginger debate? Yep, and the question is simple: can a ginger be a professional cheerleader? While there are plenty of people that argue it’s impossible, Cassie should be Exhibit A for those of us that think not only can they, but there should be more of them.

I love a good ginger every now and then, and Cassie is a top notch ginger. When you combine the cleavage with the sexy little grins and obvious booty shaking ability, what is there to not like? I don’t know if she has a soul, but I really don’t give a damn about her soul!

Know Your Dancers of the NBA Playoffs: Cassie

• Cassie is originally from NJ

• Apparently she considers herself a “bedroom porn star”

• You can follow Cassie on Twitter