At Least One Padres Fan Curb Stomping Some Guy After Dodgers Game [VIDEO]

This morning we ran a post where three guys where stomping a defenseless dude in his boxer shorts in the middle of a San Diego street after last Thursday’s Dodgers game. It’s one of the most brutal street fights we’ve ever seen. And it’s in HD! We asked for help, and a Twitter follower (@matthewverygood) points out that the one guy is wearing a Mike Cameron #25 shirt. There you have it, Padres fan has officially trumped Phillies fan.

The guy who recorded the ass kicking has added context to what went down.

This escalated so quickly from drunken idiots yelling at each other, taking off their clothes, and throwing wild haymakers and 8th grade karate kicks, to this guy falling on the ground and getting his head kicked in, it took me a second to even register it. Not to mention, you can’t see, but I was actually walking my dog when all this went down. The cab got in between us and by the time it all clicked in I started chasing these guys. I called 911, ran after them till they jumped in a cab,

If it’s a normal street fight we go about our business and never publish yet another ass kicking video. However, Padres fan is now on record for kicking a defenseless human on a San Diego street. One of you knows him. Maybe the San Diego police department would like to chat with these thugs.

Look closely. You can buy that Cameron shirt for $30 on eBay.