Are These Dodgers Or Padres Fans Curb Stomping & Trying To Kill A Guy? [VIDEO]

Just happened upon this video today while looking for footage of the Dodgers fan fight this weekend that’s getting all sorts of attention from L.A. media. What we have here, according to the YouTuber who uploaded it, is from Thursday night’s Padres-Dodgers game in San Diego. What we have is one guy in his boxers challenging three homeboys to a street fight.

What happens next is a brutal curb stomping in the middle of a street.


Posted: May 17, 2012

Premise of Video: (via vlogger) Another Los Angeles Dodgers game… These guys belong in jail! If you know any of them, please call the police. 3 guys jumped this one guy and kicked his head into the ground repeatedly after the Padres game tonight, then jumped into a cab and took off.

Climax of Video: Um, boxer dude takes a few kicks to the head that are picked up pretty well via the iPhone HD feed.

Conclusion: Yeah, this is a street fight where KOing the dude with a punch might have kept the cops off the case. The kicks to a guy’s head after he’s KO’d? That’s enough to get the San Diego media into a frenzy and the cops on the lookout for a #25. Is that a Dodgers 25? We can’t seem to find a famous enough #25 in the team’s history. Will Venable shirt?

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