Tim Tebow Really Doesn’t Want You To See This [PHOTO]

It’s no secret that Tim Tebow and his lawyers want to keep his image as pristine as possible. Well, this time they may have taken things a little too far. Tim Tebow attended the Broadway show “Rock of Ages” and took a picture with the lovely ladies of the cast. To the chagrin of Tebow’s legal team, @neka posted this photo on her account for the entire internet to see. It’s usually a lot better to just ignore something than bring attention to it by asking for it to be removed. JUMP!

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TMZ.com reported that Neka Zang (@neka) posted this picture and then said she was asked to remove the picture of him with half naked women. She didn’t seem to happy about it and clarified that they weren’t strippers. This isn’t the first time that Tebow’s lawyers have requested that something be taken down. A New York Jets t-shirt was being produced that caused them to send a cease and desist order to the company. Also, it was reported that Tebow refused to take a picture with Kate Upton because it would hurt his image. If this keeps up, New York may eat this kid up and spit him out.

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