It’s All Over, Jersey Chasers, Jeremy Shockey Got Married Last Night In Miami [VIDEO]

Tragic news this morning for jersey chasers and the Miami model scene. Jeremy Shockey, a man of bachelorhood until he was 31, Daniela Cortazar in an official ceremony at the 5 Star pool on the infamous 5 Star Island. You might remember how Shockey, in April, went from being in a huge feud with Warren Sapp to tweeting about his wifey in a matter of days. Of course this guy wins the ‘Offseason of the Year’ award and hasn’t even found a team to play for yet. 

Sorry to ruin your day, jersey chaser, but Busted Coverage had boots on the ground to record the official kiss. Your dreams are officially over.

As for those of you who buy wedding gifts for famous athletes, we checked and can’t find an online wedding registry. Sorry.

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