President Nick Saban Gets This Military Welcome At Fort Benning Today


Of course BC loves the troops as much as the next Republican, but why is everyone kissing Nick Saban’s ass today at Fort Benning in Georgia. Isn’t not like all these guys who lined the walkway to the National Infantry Museum are Bama fans. You’d figure one of these guys would blurt out a ‘War Eagle’ as a joke or something. It’s as if these soldiers were warned that a single LSU chant and that punk would be cleaning shitters for a week. 

Just listen to the silence. It’s like General Lee addressing his troops before the Battle of Chancellorsville.

According to WSFA Channel 12:

“What they do to preserve our freedom, our safety as a nation.  The sacrifice they make.  I mean it is tough now just to get people to serve someone else let alone sacrifice to serve your country,” said Saban.

The guy even knows his military clichés. Marking it down right now. Greatest of all time. Just stomping on Bear Bryant’s throat. Will make ‘Bama fan forget the Bear before he’s done.

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