Ice Girls Of The NHL: Predators’ Crystal Is A Hooters’ Cover Girl [PHOTOS!]


I don’t follow the NHL as much as I should, and I completely shut down this year after my Red Wings were ousted from the playoffs in the first round. But that’s no excuse for missing out on a hottie like Crystal for so long. How could someone this hot slip through the cracks. You would think her ridiculous rack alone would prevent that!

As if it’s not hot enough to pose in a bikini top and goalie leg pads, then Crystal has go all big time on us and get featured in the 2012 Hooters Calendar. Now I’m thinking we need to plan a Busted Coverage road trip to Nashville just to make sure she really works there. I’ll stay in Nashville as long as it takes to see Crystal in action.

As a side game, see how many celebrities you can pick out in Crystal’s gallery. I recognized at least 4, including BC’s favorite MMA ring girl Arianny Celeste.

Know Your NHL Ice Girls: Crystal

• Technically Crystal is a Preds Dancer, not an Ice Girl

• Crystal has her own Fan Page on Facebook

• You can follow Crystal on Twitter

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