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62-Year-Old Cowboys Cheerleader Hopeful Wants Recognition; Cubs Ball Girl Update [BC Mailbag]

You guys have no idea the crazy shit that comes to us via the account. We’ve been trying to figure out what to do with the craziness and posting it on Friday afternoons seemed to be the smart move. Up the week: Social Security granny writes about her Cowboys cheerleader tryout; Dude wants us to know he knows the infamous Cubs ballgirl and Annette is looking for a job.

First: Cathy Rampley

You might remember how much attention the 55-year-old Sharon Simmons received for her Dallas Cowboys cheerleader tryout. But she wasn’t the oldest hopeful. Ms. Rampley, a legitimate 62-years-old with a daughter in her mid-30s and a granddaughter emailed us.

Cathy told us she didn’t tell anyone before going to the tryout – not even her family. Seriously ballsy. Of course we requested photos.

Second: Cubs Ball Girl Email

He’s referencing this ball girl supposedly not giving her number to a Braves player.

Third: Are we hiring Clevelander dancers?

Of course we asked for photos.

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