62-Year-Old Cowboys Cheerleader Hopeful Wants Recognition; Cubs Ball Girl Update [BC Mailbag]


You guys have no idea the crazy shit that comes to us via the mail@bustedcoverage.com account. We’ve been trying to figure out what to do with the craziness and posting it on Friday afternoons seemed to be the smart move. Up the week: Social Security granny writes about her Cowboys cheerleader tryout; Dude wants us to know he knows the infamous Cubs ballgirl and Annette is looking for a job.

First: Cathy Rampley

You might remember how much attention the 55-year-old Sharon Simmons received for her Dallas Cowboys cheerleader tryout. But she wasn’t the oldest hopeful. Ms. Rampley, a legitimate 62-years-old with a daughter in her mid-30s and a granddaughter emailed us.

Cathy told us she didn’t tell anyone before going to the tryout – not even her family. Seriously ballsy. Of course we requested photos.

Second: Cubs Ball Girl Email

He’s referencing this ball girl supposedly not giving her number to a Braves player.

Third: Are we hiring Clevelander dancers?

Of course we asked for photos.

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