Brett Favre & Deanna Gettin’ Some Breakfast At The Donut Hole Live Tweets


UPDATE: An emailer tells us this is the Donut Hole in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. The place is a 4.5 star on Yelp.

What’s retirement like for Brett Favre? He can’t even make a stop this morning at some place called The Donut Hole for some breakfast without some chick live tweetin’ the whole damn thing. Gotta give the guy credit, he hasn’t just resorted to slappin’ eggs and ‘taters together in the skillet for Deanna. The old boy will actually take his wife out on a Thursday for some fine eatin’. Thankfully Meghan live tweeted her encounter with The Slinger. 

Where is this Donut Hole place? Only one we can find in Mississippi is located in Picayune. Mixed reviews on TripAdvisor. One customer writes:

Smells like smoke, good place to go with friends if you want to smoke all day. When I got donuts, I could tast the smoke on them.. Donuts would be great if they cleaned up the place a little bit!

As for Meghan’s encounter, she reports:

Sitting by Brett Favre at the donut hole… Nothing like eating breakfast next to a famous NFL quarterback

that’s his wife and they are adorable, he took his hat off held her hand and said grace when they got their food

There you have it, the marriage seems saved.


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