Mom Gets 60 Days In Jail For Stalking Little League Official Because Her Son Didn’t Make Travel Team [Cuff ‘Em]


This broad, Janet Chiauzzi, wants you to believe she’s not crazy. She’s just a parent who got a little whacked out of her brain when, last summer, her son didn’t make a Little League travel baseball team. How did she get revenge? In a very, very twisted way that has landed her in jail for 60 days and five years of probation.

According to Newsday:

Janet Chiauzzi, 45, was arrested in June after she sent a letter to the principal of the official’s children’s school, accusing John DeMasi, 42, of child abuse. A Nassau Child Protective Services probe deemed the claims unfounded, police said.

She had previously pleaded guilty to six misdemeanor counts and two felonies — second-degree stalking and first-degree filing of a false instrument. Three other charges, one a felony, were dismissed.

Authorities said Chiauzzi, who has sons ages 15 and 12, sent threatening letters to DeMasi’s wife and then-10-year-old son Dominick after her own son was not selected for the summer travel team in the East Meadow Baseball/Softball Association.

Judge Jerald Carter read excerpts from those letters, one of which noted “if something terrible happens” to DeMasi’s family, the boy could blame his father.

Look, if you want a mother who’s willing to go the extra mile for her son, Chiauzzi wins Parent of the Year in that category. And how about this sentence from the judge. The ultimate slap in the face – missing baseball season.

Going out on a limb and guessing she’s also a Mets fan. Just have a feeling.


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