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Ann Lux Is Former Cowboys Cheerleader Turned Will Middlebrooks’ WAG [PHOTOS]

Will Middlebrooks has more HRs than Albert Pujols. Has the same amount of RBI (14) as Pujols. Has a better batting average. And has scored just one fewer run (9) than Pujols. Never heard of Middlebrooks? He’s the third baseman replacement while Kevin Youkilis is on the DL. This Middlebrooks character is also going to be marrying a former Cowboys cheerleader, Ann Lux, in December.

Hell yes, this guy is on track for stardom.

Lux, who has known Middlebrooks since they were 12 and growing up in the same town, has given up her Cowboys cheerleading career to become a baseball girlfriend/wife. Of course the guy will only be making the MLB minimum and isn’t guaranteed playing time once Youk comes back. Doesn’t seem to be stopping Lux from becoming the new mega-WAG in Boston.

New blood. Bikini photos. And Middlebrooks good friend from all the way back to middle school is Ryan Mallett. How can the Red Sox possibly send this guy back to Pawtucket. Gotta be here to stay.

[HT: Guyism]

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