NFL Quarterbacks At Steeplechase Events: Was NFC West QB Pounding Nattys At Foxfield?

Yesterday we ran photos of Jay Cutler at some famous Tennessee steeplechase event where he seemed to be bro’d out at a high level with his pink shirt and loafers. Chris in D.C. emailed us and said to look up a certain NFC West QB who was at a steeplechase event back in April. “Seems like going to a stupid horse race is suddenly the cool thing to do in the NFL,” he wrote.

Yep, Chris is right. We found our guy.

Since when is Sam Bradford just partying his ass off? He goes from Coachella with his wafer girlfriend to the Foxfields event in Charlottesville with Chris Long. Of course we’ve been looking for a moneyshot of Bradford shotgunning some Nattys, but our search has been fruitless.

Nice coat shot, though.

The ball is in your court, BC Nation. We hear there are great pics of a possibly drunken Bradford at Foxfields on the market. Let us know what’s out there.

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