Dancers Of The NBA Playoffs: Thunder’s Alexis Knows Chemistry! [PHOTOS]

Seriously, how many chemistry majors do you think are cheering in the NBA? I know of at least one, and she just so happens to dance for one of the best teams in basketball. After the Thunder made the Lakers their bitch last night, I’m sure Alexis went home to study the Periodic Table of Elements. I wonder which one is her favorite. Guessing Rhodium.

Being the sexiest chemistry major on campus can’t be easy. You know her classes are full of nerdy dudes and foreign students that have NEVER seen a hottie like Alexis in real life. There just aren’t many chemistry majors posing for NBA Cheerleader Bikini Calendars. Well good luck to Alexis. I hope she aces her finals and then gets to cheer in the Finals.

Know Your Dancers of the NBA Playoffs: Alexis

• This is Alexis’ rookie year as a Thunder Girl (check out her Thunder Girl bio)

• She attends Oklahoma City University

• You can follow Alexis on Twitter