Our New Favorite Umpire Strikeout Call – EVER! (Who Is This Guy?) [VIDEO]

Strikeout calls from umpires used to be an art. You remember the old MLB umpires who used to put on a show. Yeah, I’m drawing blanks on umpire names, but there were some great ones. That said, there is a new hero on the loose with a strikeout call that is 90% hardass & 10% showmanship. You know what entertains parents while their kids play in a meaningless Little League game? This guy.

Who wants a strikeout? ME! ME! ME!

Posted: Yesterday

Premise of Video: (via the vlogger) “Awesome umpire calls a strikeout at Campbell’s Field, Rock Island, Ill.”

Climax of Video: It’s a short ump-gasm. Your employer’s I.T. team will never even notice. Play it!

Conclusion: One of you knows this guy. Find us a name. We want to find out when & why he developed this strikeout call. Who wouldn’t want this umpire to sit down their kid with this call? It’d be an honor.