Jay Cutler Looked Dashing In Pink At The Iroquois Steeplechase [PHOTOS]

In case you don’t keep up on all things steeplechase, bourbon & Tennessee, you missed out on Jay Cutler and the Iroquois Steeplechase, a 71-year-old tradition for Nashvillians. There was Cutler, on Saturday, with his pregnant Kristin Cavallari, looking quite SEC in his pink button-up and loafers. It was quite a difference from the last time we saw the scraggly Cutler. You might remember the t-shirt & sweats combo.

Saturday was time to bust out the bro gear.

According to the Tennessean, the Iroquois is a great reason to get drunk if you didn’t drink enough on Derby weekend.

Katie Adkins of Antioch enjoys the races with good friends and food. Her group sets up a tent and a potluck.

“Everybody just kind of brought whatever — pasta salad, sandwiches,” she says. “We snacked all day.”

And, of course, in true Steeplechase style, the group had plenty of drinks on hand. “All the guys each brought a case of beer, the girls brought vodka, everybody brought mixers,” she says.

“My uncle says, ‘It’s like Christmas for people who like to party,’ ” adds Adkins, who attended last year and is excited to go again, this time with her boyfriend, Michael Ridgely.

“He’s traveled everywhere with the Marine Corps,” she says. “But he’s never experienced Steeplechase.”

Blah, blah, blah. Let’s define this event for you in the easiest way possible: It’s like a giant Ole Miss tailgate in May, except at this one you get laid in the back of your Volvo instead of in a walk-in closet at an Ole Miss frat.

Did you run into Jay Cutler at the Steeplechase and want to add your pic to this growing gallery? Have a pic of Jay hammering a bottle of bourbon? Send it in.

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