Yes, Golf Channel’s Holly Sonders Really Is Engaged Grade A Douchebag Erik Kuselias

Research tells us that Golf Channel smokeshow Holly Sonders is 25. Her former coworker on the Golf Channel’s Morning Drive is Erik Kuselias. The guy is 42-ish. They’re engaged. And we mean like she has a giant ring on her finger engaged. It was announced today that Kuselias is losing his Morning Drive gig, but retains the rights to marry a chick that could possibly be the next chick to absolutely destroy the hearts and minds of American men. 

According to Wei Under Par, Kuselias has been reassigned from the show where we assume romance developed between the hot, young chick wearing insane skirts and the 40-something MENSA member.

To be clear, Kuselias, a former ESPN personality whose contract wasn’t renewed in 2009, was not fired, according to Golf Channel spokesperson Dan Higgins.

“Erik has been working with the NBC Sports Network and been on assignment with ‘NBC Sports Talk,’ where he’s done a great job, so his focus is being shifted to that, instead of Morning Drive,” said Higgins via phone.

Let’s not get too focused on the job situation for Kuselias. Let’s get down to this relationship and the lottery that EK hit when Holly said yes to his proposal. The guy continues to be amazed by his luck.

Then there was the Valentine’s tweet.

Someone please tell us there hasn’t been a pre-marriage consummation. That would probably ruin the bad thoughts running through our heads about Holly Sonders and her legs wrapped around our heads.

God, if you exist, please tell us Erik Kuselias hasn’t gone to the pie hole. Please, this better have not happened.

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Golf Channel’s Holly Sonders & Her Tanned Body Played A Pro-Am [PHOTOS]
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