Gronk’s Birthday Party Included This Blonde With What Appear To Be Fake Breasts

So Gronk and parts of Team Jizz Blaster went out last night for the Patriots tight end’s birthday (which is today) with five chicks for four guys. The two brahs in the middle are his brothers. Nope, can’t keep them all straight and names are just useless details in this post. What matters is that Gronk has the Barbie doll wearing blue pumps and what we assume is the shortest skirt in clothing history.

Sidenote: fake rack?

According to one part-time member of Team JB:

Happy birthday to the kid @RobGronkowski !!!! Partying out of control…pics? Vids? Yep we got them. Sorry!

Of course we’re trying to come up with scenarios.

Three Gronks, Two Blue Pumps

One Rob Gronk, Three Mustache Rides

Two Gronks, Five Racks

One Rob Gronk, Two Butterfaces

The possibilities via this one photo are pretty much endless. Of course our investigators will keep an eye out for said pics & vids once the Jizz Blasters wake from their ‘epic’ drunk.

Until then, stop and realize how much this guy has packed into 23 years.