Bryce Harper Bloody Chronicles: Bashes Bat On Wall & It Hits Him In Face [PHOTOS]


Add another level of awesomeness to the legend of Bryce Harper (also known as Pete Rose’s love child) thanks to his antics last night. Why was Harper bleeding above his eye during an at-bat? Why was there blood trickling down his face while he was in the outfield? Somebody got p*ssed off after an AB and went nuts with a bat. Somebody isn’t coming out of a game for stitches. 

Yes, he sorta pulled an Amar’e, according to Washington Times Nats’ beat writer Amanda Comak.

Harper took his frustrations out on the wall, w a bat. Davey said the bat came back & hit him. May need a stitch or 2, may be out few days

He ultimately needed 10 stiches to close the gap.

How can fans not like this guy? You guys are always bitching about how the superstars on your team are useless, don’t play with passion. Then this guy comes along and starts swinging bats at walls and lets the blood stream down his face.

Only downer to last night for Harper? 3Ks and 5 LOB.



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