Red Sox Bag Head Bros Lasted An Inning In These Primo Fenway Seats [VIDEO]

Don’t freak out when you play this video and there is no audio. The only way we can get the idiots at MLB/YouTube to chill out about copyright rules is to upload this video of last night’s Red Sox-Indians game without audio. Seriously. Seems that they are using voice recognition to block our uploads so we’ll just go without sound. Like you really want to listen to Jerry Remy anyway.

Our attention is on Bag Head.

Posted: It took blood, sweat and tears to get this onto YouTube. Enjoy it.

Premise of Video: Bag Head Boston Fan plops down in primo seats last night and gets to spend about an inning taunting his team.

Climax of Video: The two broads come down and ruin the fun.

Conclusion: MLB needs to chill out already. We’re not trying to steal your product. In fact, we suggest everyone goes out and buys It’s the best thing to happen to baseball since McGwire and Sosa roided up and blasted balls out of ballparks.