19 NFSW Josh Beckett Is A Chicken Wing Eatin’, Beer Drinkin’ & Golfin’ F*@*ing Bum Tweets

Poor Josh Beckett. The guy has pretty much ended his career in Boston thanks to his press conference last night after getting drilled by the Cleveland Indians. The right-hander’s line: 2.1 innings, 7 H, 7 ER, 2 HRs and his ERA ballooned to 5.97. Twitter exploded once Beckett sat down to answer questions and was asked about playing golf before missing a start.

Josh explained that he only gets 18 days off and that his off days are his business. Um, not good, brah.

Beckett’s 2012 salary: $15,750,000. That’s $43,150 per day this year. If he makes 30 starts that figures out to $525,000 per. The Sox still owe the guy $31,500,000 for contracts in ’13 & ’14. In other words, the guy isn’t going anywhere.